The loan for retraining

A loan to pay for the retraining is not required in many cases. In most cases, retraining can be financed by the employment agency. Alternatively, the employer or the pension fund can be considered as the cost unit. This article should help those who are not granted funding from these possible providers.

The loan for retraining

The loan for retraining

If you are looking for a loan for your retraining, you should first check whether it works without a loan. If the desire for retraining is due to operational reasons, employers often step in as “payers”. If you restructure your business, you don’t want to have to do without the long-standing employees. Financing the retraining is therefore only a logical step for the entrepreneur.

The employment agency can also act as a debtor for the retraining in many cases. Payments are made for the retraining, the livelihood and the measure financed by the employment agency.

Participation does not result in a repayment obligation. The improved qualification for the labor market can also be taken over by pension insurance under certain circumstances. The pension insurance institution is the contact for retraining for people with limited employability.

Good Credit’s educational loan

Good Credit

It may be the case that there is no cost bearer for the retraining measures. The educational loan is intended for people who want to learn a new profession at an institution. The education loan is a Good Credit program for students or pupils. In contrast to the student loan, the money is paid interest from the start – with the first payment.

However, interest rates are extremely cheap. The debtor is also given a lot of time in the repayment periods. However, the main advantage of this loan is that virtually no collateral is required. The federal government guarantees the pupil or student.

Funding is given to people who already have a professional qualification. Funding is also possible for people who will achieve this degree in their current school education. To do this, however, they must have been in the last two years of training.

The loan for retraining – as an education loan – is paid in monthly installments. Good Credit transfers USD 300 per month in advance. Payments can be approved up to 24 months in advance within a training period. The borrower’s assets or the parents’ income are not taken into account for the educational loan.

The retraining loan from the free capital market


People’s models of life are not always the same. Many full-time employees are still looking for future prospects through retraining or further training. Distance learning academies offer the opportunity to meet this wish, despite the ongoing professional activity.

The training offers take into account the financial resilience of distance learning students. The course fees can, therefore, be paid in monthly small amounts from current income.

However, without the loan for the retraining, it is also not possible here. Especially at the end of the course, the costs increase due to additional teaching material and examination fees. In some cases, personal attendance of the course is also mandatory. The costs for this are financed by a small loan – as a loan for retraining.

The sum of such a loan is between 3000, – dollar and 5000, – dollar. For most retraining students who carry out their retraining in addition to their professional activity, this sum is almost always sufficient as a loan for the retraining.

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