Loan for debt restructuring despite Credit bureau.

Those who have undertaken with loans or installments often want to switch to debt restructuring. But even with old loans that were taken out at a time when the interest rate was much higher, you want to save money with a debt rescheduling. In principle, debt rescheduling should only be carried out if there is a saving in the end. A loan for a debt restructuring despite Credit bureau could then be the solution.

The outlook

The outlook

Banks want to see collateral when lending or rescheduling. That would be the sufficiently high income, an impeccable Credit bureau that should not have negative entries, a permanent job that is not limited. If these conditions are met, the bank will not say no to a loan for a debt rescheduling despite Credit bureau.

With a loan seeker who has a negative Credit bureau, the loan request will be limited, but still feasible. However, an inquiry to the house bank is pointless. Branch banks in particular have strict regulations from which they cannot deviate. However, if the negative entry shows up as a “soft” entry, for example an unpaid invoice, the situation could be mitigated and a loan could be approved in a personal conversation with a bank employee.

It is positive if all liabilities have been correctly paid in the past. However, the bank must expect a credit default, since Credit bureau has already given the signal for payment irregularities. However, if there is a risk of default, the house bank could agree to a loan for a debt rescheduling despite Credit bureau, after all, it would like to see the money it lent again.

The Credit bureau-free loan as a solution?

The Credit bureau-free loan as a solution?

If this project cannot be implemented, the customer can look for debt-free debt restructuring. Credit bureau-free loans are surrounded by poor forecasts. This is due to dubious credit brokers who make promises with their advertisements that are not tenable. Here the customer should be careful when looking for a loan for a debt rescheduling despite Credit bureau.

If preliminary costs are requested even before a loan application has been made, this can be seen as an unmistakable sign that the credit broker is working dubiously. Loan promises of loan amounts of up to USD 50,000 and more are also not considered to be serious. The search for a credit broker should be geared to the fact that the broker has been active in the financial market for many years. You can also ask the Stiftung Warentest for reliable credit brokerage.

In order to find out whether there is a negative entry in the Credit bureau at all, which might have been deleted long ago, it is advisable to do a self-assessment with the Credit bureau. This can be done once a year free of charge. If entries could be deleted, the creditworthiness would improve and a conventional loan would also be permitted.

With a negative entry in Credit bureau, a loan for a debt rescheduling can only be made by a foreign bank despite Credit bureau, which is provided by credit intermediaries. Foreign banks also check the customer’s creditworthiness. The Credit bureau does not matter, the credit is not entered. But the income must be so high that it is above the garnishment exemption limit. An example: a single person has to earn about 1,100 USD net to get a loan at all.

If the income is below this attachment limit, a loan for a debt rescheduling could be taken out by a direct bank on the Internet despite Credit bureau. There are already loans from 601 USD. But the negative entry doesn’t make this borrowing possible. It is very important with a Credit bureau-free loan that the permanent position is permanent and must have existed for at least one year.

If it is a soft negative entry, a credit broker could also find a loan for a debt rescheduling despite Credit bureau in Germany. These intermediaries know banks that do not advertise appropriately and still grant a loan with a restricted credit rating. A reputable credit broker will only calculate his commission after the loan approval.

Even if the customer is unemployed or self-employed, these loans are out of the question. It is also important that the customer does not have to pay a large number of other loans. This could also lead to a rejection. With every loan approval, the banks draw up a budget, which must give them financial scope. This means that the customer is able to pay a loan at all.

However, the loan-free loans are limited in their loan amount. In most cases, only two loan amounts are approved. Once 3,500 USD and once 5,000 USD. If only the overdraft facility is rescheduled, one of these loan amounts could be sufficient. For large-scale debt restructuring, these loan amounts will not be enough.

Then the attempt should be made to increase the credit opportunities with a second borrower or a guarantor. However, both people must be solvent.

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