Do you need a loan or a deposit?

Today there are so many different banks that literally anyone can choose who meets all individual criteria. At the same time, this decision can take a long time, since you need to examine the conditions for the products you need, the quality of service, the location of the branches, etc.

To avoid walking around town all day, you can familiarize yourself with the conditions at home. In this article we give a brief description of the products offered by the Fine Bank.


A little bit about a financial institution

A little bit about a financial institution

This facility was founded in 1999. A significant number of changes and innovations have passed since then. Today the bank specializes in financial services for private individuals.

The ratings of international rating agencies show that Fine Bank is ready at any time to meet all of its obligations, which indicates good financial stability.



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It has a high interest rate of up to 10% first contribution. “Fine Bank” does not allow customers to refill it, which is the main disadvantage of this product. Withdrawals of money and interest are only possible at the end of the term. Interested in? The amount of the deposit must be at least 100 thousand dollars.

The second has a maximum interest rate of slightly lower – 9.5%. However, you can replenish such a contribution at any time. Fine Bank only offers interest payments on this deposit at the end of the term. The first installment must be at least 100 thousand dollars.

There is a special contribution for those who want to receive interest monthly or quarterly. “Fine Bank” offers customers the product “Reindeer”. Prices for such a deposit are limited to 8.5%. Unlike the two previous types of deposits, the reindeer offers the option to capitalize interest, which significantly increases its profitability.

Would you like to have access to your money at all times? And a contribution is made for such people. “Fine Bank” offers the possibility to open a deposit “Convenient”. The lowest interest rate is assumed compared to previous products with a maximum of 8% per year. And the main advantage is that there is the possibility of partial withdrawals.

In addition, the Bank is prepared to take individual conditions and interest rates into account when entering into deposit insurance contracts for significant investment volumes.




The bank offers the possibility to use two loan programs:

  • Consumer credit for goods;
  • Issuance of funds on the card of the bank “Fine Bank”.

The credit for goods is made directly in the Handel Points or online shops. That means you don’t have to go to the store, create an invoice, and then come to the bank to create the necessary documents. Retail store staff can help you do everything on site.

The amount of such a loan can vary in the range from 3 to 300 thousand dollars. The interest rate depends on the selected business, as each has its own program. The maximum term is up to 24 months.

And if you already have all the devices at home and need money in cash, the bank can give you up to 290,000 dollars. The loan term can be up to 36 months. The tariff rate is calculated individually and depends on several factors, including a good credit rating and long-term cooperation. Therefore, customers have the opportunity to get a loan every time on more favorable terms.

Even those who have temporarily lost solvency have the option of entering into an agreement on debt restructuring with a repayment schedule that the borrower can meet.

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